Monday, June 18, 2018

How to Improve your executive presence. An Image Must Have!

Just spent another $4K on my teeth.  It doesn't make sense to wear $5K suits and $45K watches if you teeth are jacked!  Don't be a yuck mouth, get your shit fixed! 

I can’t overstate the importance of great teeth.  When in negotiations or business deals it is imperative to show strength and confidence and believe it or not there is no better way than a big bright perfect smile. 

Tons of studies have been done to prove this and I couldn’t agree more.  On both sides of the negotiation, people can focus on bad teeth while negotiating with you or you can feel inferior because you’re thinking about your yuck mouth when you should be focused on kicking this guy’s ass and getting a better deal. 

I have spent a fortune on my teeth, but I know guys that have over $40K in their mouths just on cosmetics.  Some said they would spend double if necessary. 

A Kelton Global study found that people attach positive attributes like success, wealth, happiness, and intelligence to those with straight teeth. 

“Since the perception of a facial appearance can affect health, social behavior, and happiness of the individual, it is safe to say that people with well-balanced smiles are considered more intelligent and have a greater chance of success” 

So before you buy the jewelry or top end suit get your snaggle tooth fixed first! 




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