Thursday, August 9, 2018

How to Vacation. Punta Cana Style!

First I would like to apologize to the army for missing my post last week.  The truth is that I was on vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and the wife wouldn’t let me touch a computer.  Having said that I’m going to dedicate this week’s blog to my experience and general thoughts on the way successful people vacation. 


Getting away is one of the most important components for my success.  I decompress, relax but most importantly I think freely.  Part of my brain takes me to places which promote deep thought, create innovation and develop visions beyond the capacity of what I can do on a normal business day. 


My vacations are generally higher end, secluded and private.  This is because I generally deal with people all week, and although I enjoy it, I need to unplug and capture some privacy.   I also don’t want to deal with the drunk assholes at the pool bar. 


My advice to you is to find an agent that deals with this type of travel.  If good, they’re not always easy to find and expensive, but once you discover these hideaways you would inevitably have paid them double because it was so awesome.  Some of the best locations for this are in places like Peru, Belize, Seychelles, and Vietnam.


Now back to my trip.  We planned last minute and had a difficult time locking down our typical destination and my wife somehow convinced me to go to the Iberostar Grand Resort.  This is generally known as a high end resort if not the best in Punta Cana.


Although I absolutely loath chain resorts I have to admit that the place was pretty kick ass.  Since it’s off-season it was not crowded the service was excellent.  I probably smoked over 20 cigars during the week with a decent lounge and good selection.   The food was pretty high quality, consistent with a very diverse selection.  I still recommend finding your secluded get away but for at least half the price, I’m going to go out on a limb and give the Iberostar Grand solid thumbs up.


However, this is not a f*%ing vacation blog. 


I wouldn’t try to convince you go on a trip to a themed resort because I want you to enjoy yourself.  My goal in life is to make you money.  Therefore, I want to discuss the importance of networking.

Like I mentioned, when I’m on vacation I want to be left the hell alone.  Given this situation, it was nearly impossible to avoid drinking way too many “dirty monkeys” and not socializing.  Although my Rolodex is full (those are contacts for you damn millennials), I met a ton of people and got most of their numbers. 


For most of us, we can tell which ones are full of shit and need to toss their business card, but for others it can really lead to a long term relationship which may eventually lead to a business relationship.  I met a film producer from Toronto who I hope can help my daughter in the business, and a real estate developer from Washington which has a couple of projects I am interested in.  I’ll be reaching out to both of them this week. 


"Fortune" recently reported on a study that claims networking was essential in 78% of Start-ups.

Finally, I know we all love our kids, but I think to truly relax and meet some solid contacts you need to go to an all adult resort.  Also, go as high end as you can afford.  The difference between the resort I stayed at and the one next door was probably a couple grand.  However, it’s a guarantee that you will meet far more business and investor minded people at a pricier resort.   Fly coach instead of first class and put the money into the resort.  That my friend is a good return on investment. 

Bon Voyage!

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